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Carl's Jr: Green Hornet x Carl's Jr. Upcoming Collaborations

While I was drinking it up and snacking on Carl’s Jr. at “The Green Hornet” press junket at Comic Con, I was fortunate enough to chat it up with Brad Haley, the Executive VP of Marketing for Carl’s Jr. He informed me of some wonderful collaborations that are coming in the near future that involve their tasty food and “The Green Hornet.”

Looks like Carl’s Jr. is the main sponsor of the film when it comes to fast food eatery. Although the movie is coming out in January, in the months leading up to the release, there will be some cross promotions involving the film and Carl’s Jr. This includes an in-store sweepstakes with a chance to win the grand prize, one of the Black Beauty cars featured in “The Green Hornet.” Brad commented that the car itself is a main character in the film and that fans will be allowed the opportunity to tour the Black Beauty and project themselves in it using their webcams in a promotional, yet engaging web experience.

There also seems to be a commercial in the works that will promote some new items that Carl’s Jr. is planning to release coinciding the film. This full tie in commercial will star Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as Kato, as they introduce these new items, that as of now are still “under wraps”. But there seems to be something for the kiddies to look forward to, as a kids meal will be offered with some toys, perhaps even a toy car version of the Black Beauty? More importantly, I was also informed that there will be something the adults can look forward to as well. I’m hoping its one of the Green Hornettes inside the Black Beauty, I know Happy Star would approve.

Here’s Brad Haley and his son in front of the Black Beauty, the one available for the grand prize sweepstakes is in better condition and minus the bullet holes.

Inside the Black Beauty, try not to press the red buttons when turning on the radio.

Thanks for the advice on the ladies Happy, see you at the next event! Also, be on the lookout for a Carl’s Jr. billboard in the film, I heard it will surely please you FoodBeasts.

By Marc Kharrat

Known for having a shiny head with an impeccable beard, Marc loves everything and anything noodles. Watching him slurp them can be considered a hard PG-13 rating.

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