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Carl’s Jr. Might Be The First Major Fast Food Chain Run By Robots


Fast food workers may be in for some troublesome news. After a visit to Eatsa, a fully-automated restaurant, the CEO of Carl’s Jr. has some ideas on how to improve his chain of restaurants.

Andy Puzder, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s CEO, says that he wants to try opening a restaurant that has all-natural products that can be ordered through a kiosk. He told Business Insider that customers would never have to interact with a person while they’re there.

Eatsa, the inspiration behind Puzder’s dream, is an automated restaurant. Patrons can order their food through an iPad kiosk, pay with a credit or debit card and get their order through cubbies in a wall without having to talk to a single living person.

The humans that work there prepare the food and put it into the cubbies so that customers don’t have to interact with a single person.

Puzder says this idea was brought on by the government driving up cost of labor. He can’t afford to hire new workers.

It’s still remains to be seen how well such a major fast food company would do as a human-less unit. While some are comfortable enough to appreciate the solitude of order their food, others may need human interaction to express their preferences and concerns.

By Peter Pham

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