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Carl’s Jr. Is Offering ‘Three Ways’ With New Bacon Burger


Today, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s announced the launch of their new Bacon 3-Way Burger. Hmmm, they have to know they’re opening themselves to some controversy with a name like that. Although the fast food chain has been known to push the boundaries of both sex and CGI.

The burger gets its name from serving bacon three different ways: Applewood-smoked bacon, crumpled bacon pieces and bacon jam. The burger also features cheese, lettuce, tomatoes.


We picked up a couple of the burgers to try them, delicious by the way, but we still couldn’t get past that name. Here’s what some of the Foodbeast staff had to say about it:


I feel very aroused right now, and not just ’cause I’m watching porn.


It’s like they want three pigs to f*ck you.


Were they watching porn on McDonald’s WiFi when they thought of this name?


Throw some hot sauce on that bad boy and you can call it a “Devil’s three way.”


You can get the Bacon 3-Way Burger as a single patty, double patty, or a 1/3 pound Angus patty.

By Peter Pham

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