Caribou Coffee Debuts Holiday Drinks, Calls Them Fa La Latte and Ho Ho Mint Mocha

Caribou Coffee - Ho Ho Mint Mocha

As we get deeper into the winter season, there’s nothing better than a hot drink to get you through those ice-cold mornings. In the spirit of the holidays, Caribou Coffee has added four limited-time holiday drinks to their menu. Customers can now order the Reindeer Blend, Fa La Latte, Ho Ho Mint Mocha and Gingerbread. The Spicy Mocha (made with chocolate chips and a bit of ancho and chipotle chilies) is also set to make a return.

With the four new drinks, customers are introduced to a variety of Christmas-centric options. The Reindeer Blend features spicy ginger, clove and sweet cinnamon. Fa La Latte, a creamy eggnog and espresso mix, comes topped with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg. Ho Ho Mint Mocha can be ordered as a dark or white chocolate mocha with mint syrup, crushed peppermint candy and whipped cream. Lastly, Gingerbread packs gingerbread-spiced with a buttercream icing on top.

The drinks are available now through the holidays. Prices for the seasonal beverages vary depending on the Caribou location purchased from.

By Peter Pham

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