Capri Sun’s New ‘Clear Bottom’ Pouches Help You Spot Mold Before You Drink


Capri Sun, the everykid’s go-to spirit in the metallic blue pouch, also happens to be free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. And while this would normally be a good thing, it also means the drink is notoriously susceptible to mold. Thanks to a nifty new packaging update, however, both kids and parents will be able to see the contents of the space-age juice bags before they come anywhere near their or their children’s precious mouths.

Beginning this month, Capri Sun is introducing a new clear-bottomed juice pack, along with a new tagline that lets folks know they can “See the goodness before it’s gulped.” According to Ad Age, the update came after about a year of development and plenty of concern from parents on social media over the safety of their children’s juice drinks.

“The level to which things are accentuated in social media, it really changed the way we wanted to engage with moms,” Greg Guidotti, a senior director at Kraft Foods, told Ad Age, “We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to the consumer-response groups. We want to offer empathy and offer it with transparency.”

Of course the mold, which develops from the normal process of fermentation due to Capri Sun’s preservative-free formula, is said to present little to no health risks if consumed. Still, better safe (and not totally grossed out) than sorry.

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By Dominique Zamora

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Wha? I consumed a gazillion of these as a kid. No ill effects here. Well… except sometimes when I’m typing a commenas k hd8**hknrlka nsld nvz.x,c vnknlk

Have you seen their latest ad “cool mom”? She says the clear bottoms are to help see that there are no preservatives or artificial flavourings. Not only is this misleading it also insinuates- using reference from your post – that it would be to see the mould to demo that it is artificial flavouring and preservative free hahah just a ridiculous PR ploy! Caprisun is sugar water with

Especially without fibre! Kraft needs to stop sneaky marketing ploys to trick consumers into thinking a product like this is healthy for their kids. It’s irresponsible and devious and does not help tackle the global obesity and non communicable disease epidemic in any way! #stopswallowinglies #foodcrimes see more about food politics @

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