Well-Known Chicago Chef Found Dead In The Brewery He Planned To Open


Homaro Cantu, the creative mind behind the Chicago-based restaurant Moto was found dead, Tuesday. Cantu’s death appeared to be the result of a hanging, reports the Chicago Tribune. The authorities are currently investating the death as a suicide.

The body of the 38-year-old chef was discovered in a building on West Montrose Avenue. He was in the middle of renovating the space and turning into a brewery, reports say.

The chef was known for his elaborate menu presentations involving molecular gastronomy. This included tabletop-cooked fish in a box, carbonated fruit and even edible menus.

Cantu’s approach to his food stemmed from his family growing up in poverty. His innovative dishes were a combination of both food and science.

Earlier last month, Cantu was in the middle of a lawsuit between a former investor of Moto. The investor, Alexander Espalin, claimed that the chef had used Moto’s bank account for personal use. These allegedly included business trips, legal fees, meals and other forms of personal spending.

Cantu’s death is currently under police investigation. His autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

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