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How Caffeine Keeps Us Awake, Explained In A Whimsical Animated Short

Have you ever wondered how the world’s most widely-used drug works? While some of us consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis as if it were water, we don’t actually know what it does to keep us awake on our morning commute.

Ted-ED created a whimsical animated short that explains in detail the science behind caffeine.

The video (which can be seen above) explains the origins of the chemical, how it acts as a stimulant for the nervous system, and how caffeine blocks the body’s sleep-inducing molecule adenosine. Ted-Ed also goes into deeper detail on the positive and negative affects of the chemical stimulant.

So now the next time you’re about to down a hot cup of coffee, trying to keep awake after a night of restless sleep, you’ll know exactly that your body goes through once that first drop of coffee touches your lips.

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.