Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cafe Is Opening And Its ALL Creme Egg Dishes

Cadbury, the chocolate and candy company, born and raised in the UK since 1879, is about to give everybody in London diabetes with their new Creme Egg Cafe opening on January 22.

The cafe will be a pop-up, meaning it will only be around for a short time. Cadbury plans to close its doors on March 6, though reopening them again in another location at a later date is not out of the question.

The cafe will be comprised of three floors, each offering a glimpse into the world of Cadbury and its endless possibilities.

The first floor will be simple, selling Creme Egg Toasties for people on the go or simply trying to fuel up on some creamy, chocolatey sugar before work. For those who don’t know, a toastie is basically the British version of a panini. Traditionally, the edges of the toastie are grilled into each other in order to seal the contents within the sandwich, keeping the contents warm and your fingers clean(er).

The second floor will feature the main restaurant, offering all creme egg-based dishes along with tables that can be reserved, and should be, considering how packed the restaurant will be from open to close. Walk-ins will be allowed, but availability will be an issue, so they are not recommended.

The third and final floor will simply be a ball pit for people to splash around in when life gets them down. Frankly, it’s a genius move by Cadbury, since people will now have a place to expel all the energy they’ll have after eating any of the sugar-packed meals available to them.

I think I speak for many when I say that I’ve never been more egg-cited for a restaurant than I am now.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats, bakearama

By Sean Fahmy

Sean's favorite foods are hot wings, cheeseburgers, seafood and gummy candy. He will likely die from both diabetes and obesity, or "diabesity." He's cool with that.

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