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Go Wild With The Toppings At This Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar

There’s really no beverage out there quite like the Bloody Mary. The classic cocktail is a combination of vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, lemon juice and other spices, all mixed together in a highball glass and traditionally garnished with a stalk of celery. While those are the blueprints to a standard Bloody Mary, however, the cocktail is also a blank canvas for you to craft the version best fitted to your tastes.

Hash Kitchen in Scottsdale, AZ, is a wonderland for lovers of the humble Bloody Mary with the restaurant’s own build-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

A variety of in-house infused vodka flavors are available to set as a base. This includes cucumber, pickle pepper, cilantro-lime and jalapeño. Combine the vodka with some made-from-strach Bloody Mary Mix (Calabrian chili and habanero) and hot sauces (Sriracha, Cholula, Tabasco, and horseradish). Finally, you can choose from more than 60 toppings including tempura shrimp, egg rolls, Italian meatballs, fried ravioli, pickled cactus, onion rings, Slim Jims, corn dogs, and oysters.

Photo + Cover Photo: @brooklyn409

With Bloody Mary in hand, you can also sink your teeth into Hash Kitchen’s mouthwatering Cannoli Pancakes — a stack of buttermilk pancakes layered with cannoli cream filling and topped with maraschino cherries and crushed cannoli shells.

Now, I’ve never had a Bloody Mary before, but I’ve always been curious to try it. I went around the Foodbeast office to see what some of the team’s favorite Bloody Mary combinations were.


Just a classic Bloody Mary with some Cholula, and a piece of extra crisp bacon if there’s any around.


First of all, fuck celery, it’s just taking up space. If you want something crunchy, use bacon. I think an underrated Bloody Mary topping is cheese. Blue cheese, goat cheese, whatever, if there’s some funk to it I’m into it. Gotta have something spicy. I see jalapenos a lot but I had pepperoncinis in a Bloody Mary the other day and loved it. I don’t like the giant topping trend, no one needs a cheeseburger on a stick in their drink. Put it on a plate. Really though, I haven’t met a Bloody Mary I wouldn’t order another of.


Mint. It needs some mint.

Thanks, guys.

Perhaps I’ll seek out my first-ever Bloody Mary this weekend. Who knows, if I like the drink, a road trip to Hash Kitchen could be in my not-too-distant-future.

By Peter Pham

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