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Butterfinger Just Completely Changed Their Recipe, Here’s How It Tastes Now

Butterfinger has updated their signature candy bar for the first time in over a decade, and the result is a treat whose flavor is different from what they’ve had in the past.

Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

The new bars still have a chocolate coating and a crispy peanut interior. However, based on a taste test, you’ll find that the chocolate is not as sweet or milky, and the peanut flavor is more intense, reminiscent of a concentrated peanut brittle.

Ferrara Candy Company, the makers of Butterfinger, accomplished this with a complete reworking of their ingredient portfolio. Components of previous iterations have been completely removed, including the synthetic antioxidant TBHQ, hydrogenated oils, cornstarch, soybean oil, and monoglycerides (an emulsifier).

The new candy bar is more “clean label” as a result, with the final list of ingredients being as follows:

Corn syrup, sugar, peanuts, vegetable oil (palm kernel and palm oil), peanut flour, nonfat milk, and less than 2 percent of cocoa, milk, salt, yellow corn flour, soy lecithin, natural flavor, and annatto (a natural coloring agent).

Together, all of those changes make for a significant difference, but the core of Butterfinger’s flavor still remains. Every aroma just tends to be more intense as a result of the reformulation.

If you’re curious to try the new candy bars for yourself, the reworked Butterfingers will be available nationwide starting in January, with complete availability guaranteed by the end of February.

By Constantine Spyrou

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