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Burger King Trolls and Changes Name to ‘Fries King’


Burger King’s little publicity stunt this week has sent the internet into a state of tears, disbelief and utter confusion. After rolling out their new reduced-fat, reduced-calories “Satisfries” back in September and planting giant “Wi-Fries” throughout city streets, the fast food chain made the next push to fully re-brand themselves.

Taking to their social feeds, the company trolled Twitter and Facebook fans worldwide, announcing their name change from “Burger King” to “Fries King.” Unsurprisingly, many fans of the “former” burger joint were appalled:

While others were simply tickled.

Of course, the obligatory threat of friendly arson was made.

While it’s quite clear Burger King’s PR move is all tongue-in-cheek, that hasn’t stopped them from revamping their website’s logo, actual signboards, product packaging and employee uniforms with “Fries King.” The company stated in a release on Thursday that select locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami will operate under “Fries King” for a limited time.

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Jesus Christ ….
Is the fast food franchises THAT competitive?
BK & McDonald’s both have thier fanbases,
Direct all that energy & money to opening more BKs
and more non-gimmicky TV commercials about thier particular items.

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