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Burger King Is Serving Burgers With RED Buns And Cheese In Japan


Looks like Burger King is seeing red. Burger King locations in Japan will soon be serving two Samurai Burgers. Each burger will feature a unique red bun and red slice of cheese.

The Samurai Burgers will feature both beef and chicken options. In keeping with the color scheme each sandwich will feature a spicy chili bean paste sauce. The Samurai Beef Burger will have a burger patty topped with a grilled onion slice. The Samurai Chicken Burger will feature a crispy chicken patty, lettuce, mayonnaise and a slice of tomato.

Both sandwiches will be available at participating Burger King Japan locations beginning July 3. They definitely look more appetizing than those dark black burgers BK Japan released a few years ago.

Photo: BK Japan

By Peter Pham

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