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TIL: Burger King Once Offered a Free Whopper for Every 10 People You Unfriended on Facebook


Once upon a time, the power of true friendship was worth approximately 37 cents. That distant time was 2009. Burger King once offered Facebookers the option of un-friending ten people on the social media site in return for a free Whopper. Back then, the suggested retail price of a Whopper landed at a measly $3.69, leaving each un-friended person a sentimental worth of 37 cents.

The best part of the Whopper Sacrifice promotion was that whenever a person was removed through the Burger King Facebook app, the lost friend would also receive a notification specifically to their Facebook. It flat out told them that (insert name) chose to have free burger over their friendship. That’s gotta sting, right?

Facebook responded to Burger King’s hilarious campaign with a request that they change the application so that folks would not receive notifications once they were un-friended, much like the actual site. Burger King, however, decided to delete the Facebook campaign altogether rather than make the changes.

Before doing so, however, Burger King tracked 233, 906 broken friendships. Or 233,906 delicious free Whoppers.

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