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Burger King Is Bringing Back Its Version Of Mac N’ Cheetos For A Limited Time

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After all of the hype and popularity surrounding them when they launched for a limited time a year ago, Burger King is bringing back its Mac ‘N Cheetos for everyone to go crazy over once again.

The snack, whose concept Burger King ripped off from internet chef personality The Vulgar Chef, sold out within a few weeks when they came out last time. Now, according to QSR Magazine, the fast food chain is capitalizing on their success by relaunching them for another limited time period.

For those of you who missed out on them last time, Mac N’ Cheetos are what they sound like: deep-fried, Cheeto-crusted sticks crammed full of creamy macaroni and cheese. You can pick them up in a pack of five for $2.69 starting May 18th in participating stores.

Just be sure to thank the Vulgar Chef for coming up with them in the first place when you do.

By Constantine Spyrou

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