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Burger King Innovating Overseas With a Lamb Flatbread Burger

Burger King will be introducing a Lamb Flatbread burger in its UK restaurants next week as a limited time offering. The sandwich will feature ‘succulent lamb,’ chili ketchup, salad and mint yoghurt in a rosemary flatbread.

Burger King UK announced that the sandwich will be available next week in the region, and with this recent addition looks to join the ranks and tone of other fast casual and upscale restaurants that have offered lamb burgers on the menu for years. As is visible in the product shot reading “1st Time Ever,” their promo material seems to note that they might be the first in the fast food genre to offer a lamb burger.


By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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