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Contamination Scare Forces Bumble Bee To Recall Tuna


Bumble Bee is recalling cans of their popular tuna because of a possible contamination. The brand announced that they’ll be recalling three specific cans of the fish because of a possible contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens.

A total of 31,579 cases are being recalled that have been distributed nationally. They were produced in February 2016 and have a can code that begins with “T” with the example TOA2BSCAFB.

These are the labels you need to keep an eye out for with the “best by” dates.


Bumble Bee did note, however, that there have yet to be any reported illness from the recalled products. Guess it’s a good thing they caught the deviations as soon as they did.



More details on the recall can be found here.

By Peter Pham

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