Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’ Instantly Facebook Friends Anyone You Tap

budweiser buddy cup

Pun not intended. Budweiser Brazil has unveiled the Buddy Cup — a cup that connects to Facebook through a built-in-chip. The idea is simple: Users scan the QR code at the bottom of the cup, then every time they clink glasses with someone else they’re instantly registered as Facebook friends.  The gimmick takes advantage of the number of times we cheers during the course of a night, making it easier to casually add a stranger to your Facebook circle.

Although, that’s where the issue of privacy comes up. What happens when you suddenly find yourself hanging with a group of people you just met and some yells, “CHEERS OMG TO NEW FWENDS.” Then all at once, bam, you have 30 new Facebook friends in a span of 30 seconds. All of sudden, the group of strangers you just met has access to your entire Facebook profile. Mix this in with alcohol and the entire situation makes us a little wary.

Still, Budweiser hopes the Buddy Cup will encourage interaction between consumers at branded events like as concerts and festivals. Apparently, “Toasting has received an upgrade.”

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