Dude Named Bud Weisser Tried Sneaking Into Budweiser Factory, Didn’t End Well


Late last week, a man was arrested for trespassing in the St. Louis-based Budweiser Brewery. That man’s name was Bud Weisser.

The 19-year-old arrestee had entered the brewery after 6pm on Thursday, Fox 2 Now reports. Security officers found him and told him to leave the property. After an altercation, however, the officers were forced to call the police.

Weisser was taken into custody where he was issued summonses for resisting arrest and trespassing. Other than his fierce desire to be inside the property, Bud Weisser doesn’t appear to have any connection to Budweiser beer.

In 2014, the teenager had also broken into a gas station. Where some blood had been left behind after he climbed through a broken window in his attempt to escape. Weisser had turned himself in and was charged for the crime after DNA matched his blood at the scene.

By Peter Pham

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