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NBA Star Dirk Nowitzki Is Giving Out 30,000 Beers For Scoring 30,000 Career Points

Photo courtesy of Bud Light.

Dallas Mavericks fans are going to be extremely happy as their star player’s recent historic achievement, is leading to free beer..

Wednesday, Dirk Nowitzki, became the sixth player in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to score 30,000 career points.

Following his remarkable feat, Dirk told ESPN that he drank a Bud Light after the game for “the first time in a long time” as a way to celebrate.

While this may seem like a typically normal way to celebrate, most NBA players, like Nowitzki, are on a strict diet and training regimen throughout their careers, so having a beer to them is like one of us celebrating with a massive cheat day.

Photo courtesy of Bud Light.

Apparently, Bud Light was so inspired by this shoutout, that they decided to deliver a truckload of 30,000 beers with the Mavericks’ logo on it (also known as the Mavs Team Cans) to American Airlines Arena, where the Mavs play.

While you think Dirk may be set on beers for the rest of his life, he won’t be keeping this wealth of alcohol. The Mavericks announced that they will be giving away the beers to anyone of drinking age during Friday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.

I’ll be cracking open a beer for you as well tonight, Dirk. Congrats on the amazing achievement.

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