The Internet Was PISSED This Guy Fed His Dog A Taco Bell Burrito

In another story about a Bubba, a man posted a video a few years back that’s been getting some more attention recently. This guy gives his already seriously overweight dog a burrito from Taco Bell, and the dog shows it no mercy as he swallows it in one second. It’s like he dropped it straight into his stomach.

Bubba HAS to be more than 10 years old so shouldn’t we just let the dog eat Taco Bell burritos as he pleases? Maybe devouring a bean burrito at record speed was on Bubba’s bucket list, you just never know. Either way, people are not happy with him for giving his dog fast food especially since he’s already fat.

Apparently Bubba’s owner isn’t alone in this Taco Bell doggie diet. This Reddit user adds his experience and some truth too,

“Worked at TB in high school. Ordering for dogs was common. Had a trucker come through and always order a dozen chicken quesadillas for his 2 dogs I mean, TB quality is that of dog food soo” -fuck-the-cubs

Thats a lot of quesadillas. This user points out a shocking obesity epidemic occurring among pets:

“Obesity is also one of the largest rising problems in pets these days. This video is one reason.” -kezdog92

And these were the G-rated comments, people on the Internet condemned him for this.

How about we just don’t give pets fast food. It’s bad enough that we eat it, I’m sure it’s just as awful if not worse for them.

Photo Credit: YouTube

By Lauren Urrea

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