Tax Day Sucks — Bruegger’s Bagels Tries To Help With 1040 Deal

Brueggers Bagels 1040 $10.40 Tax Relief Big Bagel Bundle

Bruegger’s is looking to shed some light on one of the stereotypically darkest days of the year, tax day.

Remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t know the heavy burden of the word taxes, let alone the meaning of the word at all? Or maybe fast forward to a few years later when you were bummed at the end of the week when your paycheck had all those deductions, but come April you knew you were going to get it all back! Bonus baby!

But for many of us that time has faded and tax season brings a negative connotation. But we can forget about all the money we owe since we forgot to make estimated payments as a self-employed individual, and instead focus on the positives like Bruegger’s Big Bagel Bundle. Get 13 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese for $10.40 – should save you about 5 bucks to be put toward necessities, like all your contributions to the office douchebag jar. All you need is this digital coupon.

So perhaps this is your saving grace? Bring 13 bagels and cream cheese to your co-workers like the champion you are. You should probably even give one to Keith.

By Geoff Kutnick

Geoffrey Kutnick is the King of Soft Serve. Been placing ice cream in soup bowls at the buffet since '87.

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