Brighten Up a Gloomy Breakfast with this Clever Egg Mold

Sunnyside Egg Mold

If you’re not a morning person, rising and shining can be rough. But we’ve come across a charming solution that’ll cure those early morning blues and pack in a healthy breakfast — Sunnyside Egg Molds.

These silicon forms are not only adorable, but they’re also really easy to use. The innovative design allows you to simply pour the egg into the circle — the egg-yolk stays in the ring and the white flows out to fill the rest of the silicon cast. Within seconds you have yourself a perfectly cheery and nutritious creation!

Sunnyside Egg Shaper $20 @ Amazon

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By Cameron Simcik

Cameron is a Philadelphia native who is borderline obsessed with chocolate, coffee and sushi. She writes for TheFW and The Daily Meal, and making a mean chocolate chip cookie is her specialty. She also tries pizza everywhere she travels in hopes someday she'll become one of those cool pizza snobs.

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