Breakfast will never be the same, ever


By Charisma Madarang

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1. Lightly cut the surface in a square shape
2. Indent the surface area inside the incision with a spoon (softly but firmly)
3. Pour egg into indent made with spoon in step 2
4. Sprinkle cheese onto surface of egg white.
5. Broil at 400 degrees until golden brown on edges and cheese has melted
6. Garnish with pepper as desired.

I press milk chocolate chips into the face of waffles, which then melt and spread to the insides. Then, I take these two chocolate-enhanced waffles, and use them to make a sandwich, with a piping hot S’mores Pop-Tart in the middle. This sandwich is then topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce. When it comes to snacks, I am serious, and I am a professional.

When just looking at the picture, shared on Facebook, my brain interpreted the fourth picture as using pliers to apply matchsticks to the egg and the last picture as cooking the egg with a hair dryer. Or a paint stripper, which would be hotter. This would take forever.

You don’t “cut out” the bread. You have to cut a shape into the bread, then press it down to hold the egg.

At least in this recipe, anyway. In this one they’re not frying it in a pan, but it looks as though they’re broiling it in a toaster oven. If you cut the bread all the way through, you’re gonna have a mess.

This isn’t meant to be eggs-in-a-basket. It’s either a spin off, or someone’s original idea. There is more than one way to do bread with eggs for breakfast recipes,

I believe you are thinking of a hamburger bun, not a slice of bread. you cut out a round hole in the top half and drop the egg into it so it rests on the bottom half and bake.

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