This Instagram User Became Popular By Smashing Bread In Her Face

If you’re prone to spending hours following Instagram hashtags down the rabbit hole, then perhaps you’ve seen something stranger than @BreadFaceBlog. The BreadFaceBlog is an Instagram account operated by an anonymous woman that posts videos of herself “smooshing” her face into and against different types of bread, just for the fuck of it.

It’s something you really have to see to believe. Here’s the most recent post, during the time this article was written.

Behold, the “#BreadFacing” trend.

Accompanied by the clever tagline, “Giving people what they didn’t ask for,” you could say the BreadFaceBlog has quickly become more popular than sliced bread. The account is currently entertaining more than 78K followers.

The young lady behind the @BreadFaceBlog account has been recognized by noteworthy publications like Maxim, The New York Times and Munchies. She still, however, chooses to remain anonymous.

The BFB posts have reoccurring similarities: there’s always a musical soundtrack playing in the background and the “face” always seems to enjoy rubbing her entire face on the particular bread of choice, albeit with guarded pleasure.

New York magazine profiled her recently, trying to figure out if there was some underlying meaning to her mesmerizing obsession with BreadFacing. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not really. If there is some profound reasoning behind her program, she’s not certainly not telling.

From our perspective, we’ll just keep watching her videos and continue to be completely confused as to why anyone would be smashing their face into bread. Here’s a few more of her posts.


There’s a link also a link to the BreadFacer’s Paypal account, in case people feel inclined to give this girl some “bread” for some bread. No pun intended.

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that's trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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