NBA Champ Loses 22 Pounds After Cutting Sugar, Shows Off Sweet New Look


When Netflix and chill goes wrong, you end up just watching documentaries that convince you to do all kinds of crazy things, like go vegan, or hate Sea World. Andrew Bogut, the 7-foot center of the NBA world champion Golden State Warriors, said he watched a documentary about the dangers of sugar and decided to stop eating sugary foods.

Bogut told CSN Bay Area that he watched “Is Sugar the New Fat?” and the film impacted him so much, he ended up dropping 22-pounds of mass from his yeti-like frame.

Bugut used to run around 275 pounds and is reportedly hovering around 253 now.

“It’s unbelievable, man,” Bogut told CSN Bay Area. “(Sugar) is in absolutely everything. I have a couple friends that are label readers. I used to give them so much (crap), telling them, ‘Man, just eat it. Stop reading the label.’ And now I’m one of those guys.”

His teammates have even said the 30-year-old looks a lot more spry on the basketball court and doesn’t look like he’s running with with cement shoes.

This was Bogut after last year’s NBA Finals


This was him in a preseason interview last week

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12.04.28 PM

Maybe not a dramatic change, but you can definitely see the slimness in his face. He’s an NBA center and still has to keep a little size on himself.

Bogut said he watched the sugary documentary in August, so those 22 pounds have come in about two months, which isn’t too shabby considering I’ve gained about 22 pounds in that same time frame.

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