BOGO Whoppers at Burger King Dec. 9, 10 & 11

Nothing puts me more in the Christmas mood than a good ol’ fashioned Whopper. Nothing. Thankfully this weekend, December 9, 10 & 11, Burger King will be offering a “Buy One, Get One” free Whopper Special. That’s right! For the price of one, you’ll get two of their famous Whopper Burgers. The offer is only good for this weekend, and won’t be available in Alaska, Hawaii or with any other offer.

Get them both for yourself, save one for a friend, or use them as stocking stuffers! I’d recommend eating them fresh, but if your friends like 2-week old burgers for Christmas, then I guess I can’t argue with you there. …Well, I guess I could, but I won’t. Me shutting up is your Christmas gift from me.

Enjoy, everybody!

By Patrick Khensovan

Patrick Khensovan is a full-time Computer Science student at CSULB and extreme coffee addict. His favorite food groups include fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

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