Bob’s ‘Child Molester’ Burger Recreated IRL, Features Candy on Burger Patty

Talk about reality television.

Bob’s Burgers, an animated series on Fox, follows your average yet quirky American family as they work together in their family-owned burger shop.

Each episode features a new “Burger of the Day” hidden away in the background of a scene. The burger board typically features some crazy concoction but also houses some pretty pun-ny creations.

Curious to see how these cartoon patties would hold up in real life, Josh Kurp over at Uproxx recreated some of Bob’s signature specials. From the “Fig-eta ‘Bout It” to the “Not If I Can Kelp It,” Kurp ranked his burger concoctions on a scale of One Dancing Jimmy Pesto Jr. to Five.

“Papaya Was a Rollin’ Stone” Burger

“Don’t Get Crème Fraîche With Me” Burger


Ironically, the only burger to get Jimmy Pesto Jr. dancing like a maniac was “The Child Molester” (as seen above). Topped with some chopped up Snickers and Twix bars, this burger ranked the highest of the eight with a score of five out of five Jimmy’s. Go figure.

Check out how the rest of Bob’s Burgers scored here.

H/T Uproxx + PicThx Fox, Tumblr

By Ashley Khawsy

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