Blue Highway Pizza (Micanopy, FL)

This past weekend I was up in Gainesville, Florida. Yes I am a Gator. After an unproductive day of moving into my new place (for myself at least), my roomate decided pizza was our calling for lunch. Since I started to go to school in Gainesville I’ve heard of Blue Highway Pizza but I just haven’t had the chance to go until this time. It’s located in a nearby town called Micanopy, only 15 minutes away from Gainesville. So on we ventured to get some killer pizza…

Some people have dared to say that Blue Highway Pizza is the best pizza in Gainesville and we have some good pizza places. After going there I would agree with them. I never eat the crust of pizza. I think it’s a waste. Why would someone eat the crust when they can eat the part with sauce and cheese too? That’s my logic at least. But the pizza at Blue Highway is so good I ate the crust and happily too; that’s saying a lot. The place has a nice vibe to it because locals go too, not just a whole bunch of crazy college students which is all you normally find around campus. Defiantly going to go back.

Gator nation. Sorry I just had to include at least one picture.

We played this game till our food came and we didn’t win once. Hey Allan…harder than you think huh?

Tuscan Bean Salad

Carne Combo

Blue Highway Pizza

204 NE Highway 441

Micanopy, FL 32667


By Kiera Wright-Ruiz

Writer. Photographer. Cook. Not afraid of trans fat. Kiera lives for the things that inspire her to write -- food is one of them. She has a much greater appetite than just for good grammar. Her writing experience includes time at the Independent Florida Alligator, HOME Magazine and Foodbeast. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in journalism.

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The pizza is amaizing i used to work there lol. By the way tell Mrs. Winny I said hello. I hope that business is better for her than when I worked there. I miss it alot truely!

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