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Black Truffle XT Burger, Burger King Goes High Class in Hong Kong

It wasn’t so long ago that all you needed to do to make any burger more decadent was add a few strips of bacon. But as time went on, bacon just wasn’t enough (blasphemy!) and the landscape of the fast food industry started to focus on different elements of the burger to appeal to a more epicurean tastes. What started as a simple bacon addition grew into changes like 100% Angus beef patties, artisan rolls and aged chipotle chile sauce. Now it seems that Burger King Hong Kong is upping the ante of fast food sophistication with the release of their Black Truffle Angus XT Burger.

In addition to the Angus beef patty, this burger is topped with bacon, cheese, curly endive greens, a black truffle-infused mayonnaise and comprises the latest sandwich in BK’s King’s Collection line in the Hong Kong region. For those curious burger connoisseurs who might happen to be in the area to try out this tasty new burger, it’ll wind up costing you about $4.90 for the sandwich itself, and $6.40 with fries and a drink.

The promotion’s only for a limited time though, so if you’re touring the Hong Kong area and feel the need to indulge in this bourgeois burger, you might want to hurry it along.

By Brian Yamamoto

Brian earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Photocommunications. He is a self-proclaimed ramen aficionado and dabbles in photography and writing in his spare time. While almost a carnivore, he doesn't shy away from partaking in peculiar cuisine whenever he's offered the chance. Some of his current culinary obsessions include home-made peanutella, gastropub burgers and sea urchin sashimi.

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