Black Child Denied At Baltimore Restaurant For Attire, White Child With Similar Clothing Allowed

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A notable Baltimore, Maryland restaurant group, The Atlas Restaurant Group, has received backlash after a video recently posted to Instagram documented a racial incident at one of its restaurants, Ouzo Bay.

Marcia Grant and her 9 year-old son Dallas Greene were denied patronage at Ouzo Bay over the weekend over what was cited by an employee in the footage as Greene violating their dress code. Grant then pans the camera to a white family allowed to eat at the restaurant with a child who is wearing similar athletic-style clothing to her son.

The Atlas Group released a response to address the situation today, which in part said, “As a result of the investigation, two Ouzo Bay managers have been separated from and are no longer with the organization.”

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Since learning of this incident, Atlas leadership has taken the following action: • Launched an assertive internal investigation, which included extensive video review, analysis, workforce interviews and input from human resources professionals and other experts in the field. •As a result of the investigation, two Ouzo Bay managers have been separated from and are no longer with the organization. To reiterate, there is a level of sensitivity, discretion, and customer service we expect from our managers and all who represent the Atlas brand. •Revised our dress code policy so that children 12 years old and younger, who are accompanied by an adult, will no longer be subject to a dress code at any Atlas property. •Communicated with our Atlas employees to inform them of the new dress code policy, reiterate and reinforce our unwavering position that there is no place for racism nor discrimination in any form within our company. We will continue to implement our diversity and inclusion training required for all employees and are currently educating ourselves on additional ways we can continue to expand and improve these efforts. •Attempted to connect with Marcia Grant and her son. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful but we will continue to try and open dialogue. Again, we want to extend our sincerest, heartfelt apology. We don’t want anyone to go through this type of embarrassing and hurtful experience.

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The incident further highlights how Black Americans are faced with such racist incidents as a part of their daily lives. The rise in recorded racist occurrences similar to this has further drawn awareness to the need to address the inherent racism that has been a product of America’s origins and systemic machinations for far too long.

Make no mistake, what Marcia Grant and Dallas Greene experienced in this story is just one in a long line of happenings. Don’t be so shocked that racism still exists to this day, people are actually just being recorded for the vile hate they have been taught for generations.

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