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Burger King Exiles Sodas From Kids Menus


There was a time when kids could shower themselves in refillable fast food soda. It appears that time is soon coming to an end. At least at Burger King.

The fast food chain has reportedly removed the soda option from kids’ menus. Youngsters won’t be able to find sodas included with their Burger King Kids Meals any longer as milk and Capri Suns become the more prominent options.

Most fast food establishments have been facing fire from parents wanting healthier choices for their kids. A representative from the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest said they had been lobbying for BK to change the menu for nearly two years, according to USA Today.

While soft drinks are still available on the main BK menu, kids won’t be able to get their hands on them as easily. Soda imagery in Kids’ Meals has been completely scrapped from Burger King advertisements and promotions.

By Peter Pham

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