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Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With Burger King’s “Adult’s Meal”

Move over, kid’s meal. Your era of little plastic toys just got replaced.

In Israel, Burger King has finally given us older people what we’ve been waiting for — a meal that gives us a “toy” we can use.

Burger King restaurants there will be getting the “Adult’s Meal,” which is what looks to be an adult form of the 2 for $10 Whopper Meal we can get here in the United States. The meal consists of two Whoppers, two orders of french fries, two beers, and an “adult toy,” according to Adweek.

The video above showcases examples of this “adult toy,” including a feather duster, scalp massager, and eye mask. Based on the music, we can’t help thinking some of the toys may be a little more sensual in nature than that.

To get this “Adult’s Meal,” you have to go to a Burger King in Israel after 6:00 pm local time today, and be over 18 years old.

This is definitely a new take on what fast food chains can do for the most romantic day of the year. Tons of chains do “Meals for Two” style promotions on this day to bring people in, and Taco Bell is even giving away a couple of weddings in their Las Vegas Cantina this year.

Still, pretty sure Burger King is the first to try to “turn you on” with their meal promotion.

By Constantine Spyrou

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