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Burger King Reunited The Stars Of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Over Some Cheese Tots

It’s been 12 years since Napoleon Dynamite enchanted America with his pocketful of tots, his charismatic best friend Pedro, and his beloved llama Tina.

The titular hero of the cult film makes his long-awaited return in a new Burger King commercial created to promote the burger chain’s new cheese tater tots.

Burger King’s ad recreates the infamous cafeteria scene where Dynamite asks his Latin friend for some tater tots. The video brings the spotlight to the returning stars more than a decade after the original scene was released.

Actors Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez reprise their roles as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, respectively.

You may remember that the characters also made an apperance in 2010 with a short-lived animated series, that only ran six episodes before its cancelation.

By Peter Pham

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