BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn

While the energy drink industry is a bustling one, one of the major drawbacks of their consumption is the inevitable “crash,” shortly after your gifted burst of energy. In the wake of these drawbacks have arisen a host of products meant to solve that problem (see: 5 Hour Energy), offering bursts of energy without the crash.

Not a fan of liquid crack? Care for something a bit more tangible and snack-friendly? That’s where BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn hopes to fill your gut. The popcorn is made up of sugar, light brown sugar, caffeine, canola oil and salt. The draw on this particular energy item is that you don’t necessarily have to finish all in one sitting, but can be used as a pick-me-up at necessary intervals by popping a few kernels or an entire serving to get the desired effect.

Each 5oz bag contains “as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee,” and the product description recommends the popcorn for active and/or healthy individuals over the age of 18. Sounds surrrrrrious. ($3.99 @ PerpetualKid)

By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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