Billionaire Sues Fellow Billionaire for Selling Him a Bottle of Wine That ‘Tastes Like Vinegar’


Apparently, having $4 billion in the bank isn’t enough to stop a really bad glass of wine from ruining your day — at least if you’re billionaire businessman William Koch, who is currently suing Internet tycoon Eric Greenberg for selling him $300,000 worth of vintage wine that Koch claims was fake and disgusting. Koch purchased the wine back in 2004 as a long-term investment and decided to sue after a team of experts pronounced the wine an expensive fake that “tastes like vinegar.”

The authenticity of vintage wines has become something of a pet project for Koch, who brought suit against another wine seller in 2005 for selling him bottles that were supposed to have belonged to Thomas Jefferson and turned out to be high-quality replicas.

Poor Koch. It’s gotta be hard to have everything (including an extensive collection of ‘wild west’ memorabilia and nautical instruments) and not even be able to buy a decent glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

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