Billboard Creates Water Out of Air, Produces 9,450 Liters of Clean Drinking Water

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In Lima, Peru, there’s been a constant struggle to get clean water for the community. With the help of a business and local university, the city now has the first-ever billboard that creates water out of thin air.

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and advertising agency, Mayo DraftFCBand, worked together to build the first billboard that converts air humidity into water.

The billboard system uses reverse osmosis — a water purifying process — and then stores the water in tanks that hold 20 liters each. The water is dispensed at the bottom of the structure providing clean drinking water to the local community, as stated on Huffington Post.

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Lima is the second largest desert capital in the world. In the region, the annually rainfall is .51 inches. For reference, New York City gets an average rainfall of 49.69 inches, according to FindTheData. Although it barely rains, the air humidity is at a high of 98%.

In just three months, the billboard has already produced 9,450 liters of clean drinking water, which has helped hundreds of families monthly, as said in the UTEC video below. The billboard not only marks a new age in Lima’s technology, but spreads hope to other areas that are suffering from the same problem.

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