Bierstick — The Solo Beer Syringe that Only Requires A Wall or A Really Hot Girl


The Bierstick solves two of humanity’s greatest shortcomings, according to The Drink Nation:

First, for those who do not have the time to wait for gravity-fed beer bongs to empty, this syringe design will get your buzz on faster by simply forcing it into you. Secondly, have you ever tried to use a beer bong when you are home alone? It’s like licking your elbow. Impossible.

The amusing contraption uses the general, erm, “mechanics” of an actual syringe and enables you to down up to 24 oz in less than two seconds. Simply fill the bierstick with your choice of booze, place the other end against a wall (or a chick in  a bra, as demonstrated in the above photo) and press to drink.


Oh, and it’s super compact for portability, so you can show off your beer-drinking skills at a house party, at a bar, in class or the first time you meet the parents. You definitely shouldn’t do the last one or you totally should, because chugging beer out of a plastic tube is both impressive and classy. Ahem.

Bierstick $30 @Bierstick

H/T The Drink Nation

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