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Benihana Now Has An Option That Lets You ‘Be The Chef’ For Your Friends

For anyone who has experienced a meal at Benihana and witnessed a skillful Teppanyaki chef spin and flip a hibachi fork and spatula effortlessly while simultaneously preparing a delicious multi-course feast before your eyes — here’s your chance to step behind the Teppanyaki grill to try it yourself.

If you think you have what it takes to cook, perform and entertain like only a true Benihana chef knows how, grab your Benihana apron and chef’s hat, because it’s time.  

Now, everyone can be the star of the show with the Be The Chef program. Don’t worry, even if you’re not an experienced chef, you’ll get a crash course and work side-by-side with a Benihana chef that will assist you in creating one of the most interactive meals you’ve ever been part of.

From simple tricks like the egg roll to advanced slicing and grilling techniques and even how to build your steaming onion volcano, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to whip up a deliciously unforgettable meal.

Show off your skills in front of your crew. Invite your closest friends or family to provide a dining experience you won’t find anywhere else. Guests will enjoy a meal of Benihana soup, Benihana salad, shrimp appetizer, hibachi vegetables, Splash ‘N Meadow entrees, homemade dipping sauces and Japanese hot green tea, all prepared by yours truly.

The package is $200 for four people (guest chef and 3 guests). Check out for more information.

Created in partnership with Benihana

By Benihana

At Benihana, it's not just a meal, it's an experience. Enjoy teppanyaki favorites like Hibachi Steak, Chicken and Shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi.