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Ben & Jerry’s Surprised America With Two New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s already wowed us a couple of weeks ago when they dropped their brand new Pint Slices onto us.

Their newest release was so under-the-radar, however, that even the company isn’t prepared to talk about it.

According to The Huffington Post, two new VEGAN ice cream flavors were spotted in grocery store shelves in Philadelphia. Pictures of the two new flavors, Cherry Garcia and Coconut 7 Layer, were uploaded to Instagram and have spread like wildfire across the internet since.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: oh yeah I forgot. This too!!!! @benandjerrys

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When The Huffington Post asked Ben & Jerry’s about the new flavors, they responded by saying that they weren’t ready to give more info on the ice creams just yet, but that “you never know what we might have in store!”

I’m guessing that Philly may just be a test market for these two flavors for now, but hey, maybe we’ll see these in stores nationwide in the near future.

Until then — anyone wanna send us a couple of pints?

By Constantine Spyrou

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