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Belgium’s “Drunk Fishing Championship” Is The Best (And Funniest) Event EVER

I don’t know why nobody told me about this earlier, because I’ve been doing it my whole life and nobody has ever given me a gosh dang trophy, just tickets, fines and lectures.

“The trick *hiccup* is to use bive lait *hiccup*”

In the small and all but forgotten country of Belgium, there is a crossover sporting event called the “Drunk Fishing Championship,” in which contestants (presumably) try to get as drunk as possible and catch the biggest fish.

Although the video is depressingly short, the message is quite clear. And here I’ve been drinking on my couch and in bars and not in fishing competitions, like an IDIOT.

Despite how awesome and amazing and Andy-heavy that video is, there are still many questions that were raised and never answered, as if I was watching LOST. How are the contestants scored? Is there some sort of scale that averages your drinks and your catches? Where can I get my own Andy? I need him…

From what I can gather, the winner is chosen by some sort of combination between drunkenness and number and/or size of the fish captured. While most men seem to be finding a balance between the two, Andy the Amazing decided to lean more towards the drinking part.

And then, of course, he simply decided to lean more towards the lake altogether.



Photo Credit: YouTube

By Sean Fahmy

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