This Guy Tries To Distract His Beer Pong Opponent With A Gun, Guess What Happens Next


When playing beer pong, pretty much anything goes when you’re trying to distract your opponent from getting that shot in. However, if you plan on using a gun for that purpose, try not to shoot anyone.

DNAinfo reports that two men were shot at a 4th of July party after one of the players began waving a gun as a distraction tactic.

Mannus Shannon, 27, decided it was a good idea to pull a 9mm semiautomatic out during a game of beer pong. When Shannon’s opponent tried to push him away, the gun misfired and shot him in the finger. Another man was hit in the shoulder.

The victims reportedly drove themselves to the hospital and were treated by doctors. Their conditions stabilized.

Shannon was arrested in his home and was held on $100,000 bail.

By Peter Pham

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