Beer for Dogs, Because This is America

If you like beer, chances are your dog will too! Like owner, like dog right?

But even if your dog begs for the stuff, be aware that hops can be deadly for your pet! Uhh ohh…Luckily, there’s now beer made specifically for dogs that doesn’t contain any hops or alcohol. Imagine an O’Douls for canines, if you will.

They even come in tasty dog friendly flavors such as Cock-a-Doodle-Brew (chicken) or Beefy Brown Ale (beef). Yummy if you’re a dog… Pick up a six pack of online or at selected pet stores and kick back this summer with your loyal friend. ($15.49 @ amazon)


By Lucia Phan

Lucia Phan has a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Food & City Culture and Environmental Economics. She is the founder of Banana Slug Edibles, where she bakes specialty cakes and cupcakes for patients in Orange County & Los Angeles. In her free time she likes to collect recipes and will forever be searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe known to man.

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