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Someone Threw A Beer Bottle Into A Wall And It Didn’t Break

Someone Somehow Managed to throw a Budweiser Bottle Inside the Wall of my University Campus Without Smashing it. from mildlyinteresting

It’s not everyday you see a full bottle of beer stuck into a wall.

Reddit user OxygenPremium definitely thought so when he encountered one stuck in the wall of one of his buildings on campus at Surrey University. He uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it took off as the internet was just as surprised as OxygenPremium as to how this came to be.

Of course, everyone had their ideas of how the bottle got up there in the first place and how it didn’t break upon impact with the wall.

One person even suggested a conspiracy theory that Budweiser was behind the whole thing, since the post title described the bottle as a “Budweiser Bottle.”

Others just found the whole ordeal hilarious and contributed some pretty funny jokes to describe what happened.

In the end, though, some building pros came in to the comments and made it pretty clear how this was all possible.

Well, now that the case of the curious beer bottle is resolved, the only question that’s left is how long the bottle will stay up there. Guess time will eventually tell on that part of this interesting and humorous tale.

By Constantine Spyrou

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