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‘Bear Ramen’ Is Being Served At This Japanese Chain Restaurant

There are so many types, flavors, and consistencies to ramen that further ensure our love for the rich Japanese noodle dish. You could enjoy ramen immersed in broth, served dry, and now even with bear meat.

Menya Musashi, a restaurant chain in Japan, boldly added a new Bear Ramen to their menu. The broth is made with Asiatic Black Bear stock seasoned with miso and garlic, reports Rocket News 24. The Japanese dish is topped with 3.5 ounces of the bear meat.

Asiatic Black Bear meat is said to be more flavorful and less gamey than other varieties of the family Ursidae.

You can find the dish at the Okachimachi Menya Musashi location for a limited time from Dec. 28-31 for 2,000 yen ($17 USD).

By Peter Pham

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