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Bear Grylls And Courteney Cox Eat Maggots From A Boiled Sheep’s Testicle

In his new NBC series, Running Wild, Bear Grylls gets to go on exciting new adventures, just like he did on Man Vs. Wild, only this time he’s bringing along well-known celebrities on long journeys that demand extreme physical endurance and mental focus to overcome one’s greatest fears. It’s almost comical to see how insanely frightened celebrities become when they lose control of their comfort zone — especially when it comes to their diets — out in the wilderness.

In a recent episode of Running Wild, Bear brings Courteney Cox into the Irish Highlands and she loses it real quick. Things are going semi-smoothly, up until Bear discovers a dead sheep that drowned in a shallow bog. Bear explains that bogs are dangerous due to real-life quicksand beneath the surface, making it difficult for animals to escape.

They drag the rotting sheep out of the bog and Bear decides to gut it, revealing a large maggot infestation. However, it’s when Bear decides to show Courtney that maggots are edible and carry more protein than beef, that Courteney begins to flip.


“Pound for pound maggots have more protein than beef, so when I see maggots, even though it stinks, there’s a little part of me that gets quite excited.” — Bear Grylls

After gutting the sheep, Bear asks Courteney to cut off the sheep’s testicle sack so he can carry the maggots inside — like a pouch.


After building a makeshift shelter, Bear boils the the maggot filled sack. Although Courtney wasn’t thrilled about eating a maggot, she promised Bear she would and eventually threw one back and washed it down with water.


After realizing how agonizing this challenge was, Courteney’s normally cheerful personality, seemed to shutdown as she went into full-survival mode. At one point, suggesting she’d rather eat a, “ball sack full of maggots,” before continuing on the journey.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.41.57 PM

However, both Bear and Courteney survived this Running Wild challenge. In the end, although it was an excruciating journey, Courteney seemed to appreciate how she was able to accomplish something she didn’t believe she could do.

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