Bear Falls Through Skylight into Home, Snubs Humans and Goes for Cupcakes


A black bear fell through the skylight of an Alaskan couple in the middle of their child’s birthday celebration Wednesday, CBC reports. The bear then proceeded to eat all the cupcakes. Because priorities.

The couple lived in a mountainside home that overlooked downtown Juneau. Because the area is closer to the woods, it also sees more bears. According to wildlife management, the bear was a young male weighing around 82 kg. When it landed in the Alaskan family’s living room, it caused a panic among the guests devouring all the kid’s cupcakes while ignoring all the delicious humans.

Homeowner Alicia Bishop opened the door as the bear casually walked out, belly full of cupcakes.

Sadly, the bear had to be put down by police officers as it posed a threat to human life. The bear was also believed to have entered another residence earlier in the week. RIP, buddy.

H/T CBC News

By Peter Pham

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3 replies on “Bear Falls Through Skylight into Home, Snubs Humans and Goes for Cupcakes”

I don’t quite understand. A bear found his way into Portland when I was there two weeks ago and they just sedated him and moved him out to the National Park. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have done this in Juneau. Unless it was the cupcakes. Maybe they were really, really mad that he spoiled the party by eating the cupcakes. Still, no reason to kill him. He was just doing what bears do. (At least bears that like cupcakes). Sad.

From PDX here so know the story your refering to. The difference is the bear in Alaska had entered another house before this cupcake raid, the bear is not afraid to be around people like normal bears are so it does pose a danger, that being said I am not sure why they could not somehow save it, give it to a zoo or sedate it and fly it deep into the wilderness hundreds of miles from any town.

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