Los Angeles Toilet-Themed Restaurant Serves ‘Bloody Number Two’


Hmm, so you’ve read about restrooms turning into restaurants eh? Well, how about I do you one better?

Only in Los Angeles can you find the officially worst place to take a girl on a first date (or any date). Yes, a toilet-themed restaurant called Magic Restroom Cafe is now in business. It holds the “honor” of being America’s first toilet-themed restaurant, but not the only one, for Taiwan has beaten us the the punch (what a shame right?). The chairs are toilets and the food is served to you in bowls that look like toilets, along with meals named “Bloody number two” (which is a vanilla strawberry sundae) and black poop (chocolate sundae).

How anyone keeps their appetite while eating is mystery to me. We’ve yet to get word on whether their bathroom is restaurant-themed but you can keep your fingers crossed.


H/T Eater + PicThx Elizabeth Daniels

By Thiong'o K. Ngugi

Thiong'o is a writer based in Irvine California. He is also a performer at ImprovCity.

2 replies on “Los Angeles Toilet-Themed Restaurant Serves ‘Bloody Number Two’”

This shouldnt be weird for anyone whose known about the taiwanese original. I’d say the grossest thing about it is if you have an aversion to curries.

Yes its a goofy idea and I do hate feces as much as anyone else, but this attitude of “ewww! icky! i would never!” is why we (americans) dont have more places like nude beaches – we get too giddy or grossed out way too easy.

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