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Baristas Reveal How They Flirt With Their Customer Crushes

You walk into Starbucks, see the usual smiling face behind the counter who flutters her eyelashes, and draws hearts on your cup, making you think to yourself, “Does she like me, or is she just being really, really nice?”

Well, most of the time, they are just being nice, but there are times where the barista’s heart races at the sight of a certain customer.

Instagram account Barista Life put up a funny meme with Kris Jenner looking unamused, and a caption saying “When I put a heart and a smiley face on a cute boy’s cup and he doesn’t immediately ask for my number.”

The account asked its followers to comment their flirtatious experiences with customers, and some ended up as wins, although there were also a lot of “L’s.”

Yeah, baristas might hate me for this one, as now customers are going to start thinking they always have a chance, but I’m sure it’s not anything they haven’t dealt with.

Here are some of the best responses from the thread, as baristas admit that they too catch the love bug at work:


The Sadness


@_trishcat_ — “I gave a customer my number… he stopped coming in the store.. he studied in my store everyday.”

@henrypetty — “No barista ever puts hearts on my cup 😭”

@emilygordon__ — “My first week at a coffee shop I tried to put a heart on a cute boy’s latte and my latte skills weren’t there yet and he told me his drink looked like a rooster.”

@nataliepotthoff — “@katelyn_clancey Remember that one time when you put my number on Jay’s cup and he stopped coming In? 😂😂😅😅”

@lexiebunofsky — “One time I typed the boys name “Tony” followed by my phone number and after finishing his drink he looked at it and threw it away. Never again.”


He’ll Notice You One Day


@curwhibblecat — “BLAKE, IF UR OUT THERE..”

@bellabrundage — “@sabaaaf THE BOY IN THE CORNER”

@lifewjessa — “ANDREW!!!!! 💔😭 @linh.bartolo”


The Awkwardness

@taylor.finnigan — “He told me I had I had a nice smile so I said ” I’ll be here all week” and winked then gave him finger guns 👈🏻👈🏻”

@erin_frances_oneill — “@nataliepotthoff- ‘I like baseball’ 😂❤️⚾️”

@peachymeanbean — “I once had a customer ask me to put a sticky note with her number on a guys drink. She became a regular and the guy ended up being kind of a creep.”

@j.aassy — “I once put a smiley face on my co-workers cup bc he’s my friend and everyone assumed I was flirting with him and I was like 😒 i have a bf?!!!?!”

@kristalucht — “@__gothclaudia that time you wrote “love your look” on her cup and she didn’t say anything. (The audio is 🔑)”

@fumbles27 — “One time I wrote my number on a guys cup who I thought was flirting with me (he wasn’t) then he came in the next day with his wife and newborn baby. He’s a regular and I hide every time I see him.”

When It Actually Works

@taufeeqfakir — “Successfully flirted! One of my customers became a solid girlfriend.”

@debsdeiso89 — “I put a smiley face on a customer’s cup and long story short we’ve been married for 3 years now

@radiotot — “I successfully hooked up a partner and his now husband. Customer came in every day and coworker kept getting all flustered so I wrote his #, “call me,” and a winky face on the cup. He was called that night, they went on a date soon after, and got married last year.”

@sleo_ — “Met my husband working at Starbucks. He was one of our regulars 😁💕”

@sir_spencer_mar10 — I wrote on a girl’s lid “Next one’s on me” and put my phone number and we are still talking and have a date next week.”

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.