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Stop Scrolling And Admire The Deliciousness Of These Baklava Pancakes

Pietris Bakery in Long Beach, California is on to something profoundly tasty here. By taking the sweet temptation of baklava and bringing it into the next life as half pancake deliciousness, they’ve created a stack of pancakes that are harder to resist than gravity itself.

But I’m quite sure a whole stack of these baklava pancakes is enough goodness to have our spirits defy said gravity. Doubters just need to peep the video above for some solid affirmation.

Pro-tip: Order it “Titan Style” to have extra pancakes, a healthy drizzle of Nutella, and a whole piece of baklava donned on top!

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.