Baked Potato Nachos

If you still don’t know what to make/eat for your upcoming Super Bowl party here is yet another healthy, but delicious option: Baked Potato Nachos. These Baked Potato Nachos are super delicious and won’t kill your calorie count.  Get some regular old potatoes and cut them into wedges, salt, pepper and drizzle them in olive oil. Bake until they’re golden brown and have a nice crisp, and BOOM, you have the base to your nachos!

You can top these bad boys with whatever your heart desires, customize it to your liking! On this plate we’re looking at cheese, black beans, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce! This snack might be too distracting during the game itself…wait, who’s playing in the Super Bowl again? (Thx HowSweatEats)

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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